Our Referrals

Here at BRE Law, we know what we do best. So, when we get calls outside our practice area we search out attorneys who can provide the best representation to the potential client. We know you do the same thing. That’s why we work hard to provide great service not just to our clients, but also to our referring attorneys so that you can feel comfortable knowing you made the right call.


We appreciate you trusting your referrals to us. In exchange, we pledge to do the following:

Promptly communicate with the potential client.
Keep you informed about case status.
Provide you copies of important documents for your file.
Involve you as much or as little as you and the client desire in major case decisions.
Keep you informed of the status of the referral fee once a case is resolved.
Comply with all ethical requirements for co-counsel representation.

Let's Works Together

At BRE Law we considers our referring attorney to part of our extended team.

Bolen Robinson & Ellis, LLP